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Anonymous asked: Have you ever met another telepath?

Yes. Emma Frost was… a rather interesting girl, and she has caused me quite some problems over my time. She also had the unique ability to change her form into diamond - rather exquisite, I’d say.

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Charles Xavier
The Brightest Corner of Your Mind - A Poem

I must admit I am not the most artistic chap, but as I had a restless night last night, I decided to write a poem in the early morning hours. It’s dedicated to an old friend of mine.

The Brightest Corner of Your Mind - A Short Poem by Charles Xavier

I put my fingers to my mind,

Watch every image flutter by,

I see your past, present, future,

I am nought but a small intruder,

I watch your horrors in my mind,

I feel your pain as if I’m blind,

I find the things you cherish deep,

With every death you cause, I weep,

I try my hardest to remember,

That all the pain from your receptor,

Is yours alone, not mine to hold,

Yet I now know what makes you cold,

The warmth you hold so dear,

The pain you hold is far more clear,

The brightest corner of your mind,

How can it be so hard to find?

Though I’ve intruded on your life,

Every scar is like a knife,

Every pain I dive down deeper,

All the more this hill is steeper,

A memory that’s bright and kind,

I found that corner of your mind,

Shared that time you found so dear,

Oh how I’m glad that I was near,

I pull my fingers from your thoughts,

Just a second and hell is wrought,

Though I used my gift to heal,

May I never use it for evil.

The instrumental I used was Christophe Beck’s ‘We Were So Close’ - a truly stunning piece.

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